AlphaDogs Babysits Gone Doggy Gone

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Wed, 06/03/2015 - 12:06 -- Nick Dager

Gone Doggy Gone recently finished at AlphaDogs Post.Dogs have been considered man’s best friend for centuries, but these days it might be more accurate to consider dogs man’s best baby. This sometimes strange phenomenon inspired filmmakers Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter to produce Gone Doggy Gone, a film with a comedic twist that follows a couple stuck in a lackluster marriage who treat their dog like a baby until it gets kidnapped. 

Walter says, “We wondered why people would treat their dogs like babies and wanted to explore the psychological relationship between people and their pets. Some people use pets as starter babies, some as BFFs with it sometimes getting in the way of human relationships.” Brown and Walter hope audiences will examine their relationships with both people and pets after watching Gone Doggy Gone, but mostly hope people will laugh while a subtle message is playing in the back of their heads.

When it came time for finishing on the film, Brown and Walter entrusted the services of Burbank based AlphaDogs Post Production. “AlphaDogs provided the most value combined with the best skill level,” said Brown. “When we toured their facility, not only did the environment feel high-tech and professional, the people were exceptionally nice.”

Supervising sound editor Curtis Fritsch and sound editors Sam Vargas and Ryan Choi scrutinized the audio on Gone Doggy Gone in preparation for a fully filled music and effects mix that’s a necessary requirement when dubbing movies for release in foreign markets.

The film will be released in various ways later this year.Brown says, “We had a very positive experience working with Curtis and his audio team. They were great at interpreting what we were saying and coming up with creative solutions for our sound mix.” 

With a very quick turnaround, the audio team worked long hours meticulously examining each other’s work to ensure the quality control process went smoothly. Fritsch says, “Quality control is very strict these days and a fully-filled music and effects mix takes way more time than a regular sound mix. Under such a tight deadline for delivery, we were extremely careful to double-check each other’s work to ensure it would pass. The team was very happy when the client came back with no notes and everything was approved.”

“We would absolutely use AlphaDogs again and recommend to people we know as well as strangers,” says Brown. “They provide an excellent skill set at a very reasonable price and you can’t beat that. We were very happy with the final product and passed our foreign deliverables with flying colors.”

Produced for Buzzworm Films by writer/directors Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter, Gone Doggy Gone will have its theatrical premiere at the Arena Theater on June 26th in Hollywood, California and at the Corazon Cinema in St. Augustine, Florida on the same date. Indican Pictures will release the film on DVD July 7th and it will be available to view on Video On Demand July 10th.

The film will also screen at various festivals throughout the year. 

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