Cineworld Centralizes on AAM Software

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Fri, 03/29/2019 - 10:49 -- Nick Dager

Arts Alliance Media announced today that they are significantly extending their technological partnership with the Cineworld Group.Arts Alliance Media announced today that they are significantly extending their technological partnership with the Cineworld Group, one of the world’s largest exhibition companies. Following Cineworld’s recent acquisition of Regal Cinemas in the USA, the exhibitor has decided to automate their scheduling and content management using Screenwriter in Regal Cinemas’ 7,361 screens, and expand Producer’s coverage across Cineworld’s entire portfolio, which includes Picturehouse, Cinema City, Cineworld, and Regal Cinemas. AAM will also provide third line technical support to the new sites.

AAM currently supplies their theatre management system Screenwriter and third line technical support to Cineworld’s estate in Europe and Israel. AAM provides Cineworld’s head office with control over the 900 screens in their UK circuit with the Producer circuit management system.

“With a circuit that now spans over 9,500 screens in ten countries across two continents, we have a huge amount of operational data available to us,” Cineworld’s CCO Renana Teperberg. “AAM have proven they can turn that data into business opportunities with their CMS solution. Producer presents us with the centralized visibility, tools, and controls we need to bring consistency to our customer experience and efficiency to our entire circuit, all from head office.”

Cineworld will roll out Producer at a swift pace, thanks to AAM’s newly redesigned CMS, which does not require a virtual print network, or anything further to install. As soon as Screenwriter, and its add-on, ScreenConnect, are live, Producer will immediately start receiving a stream of data from the connected sites.

Cineworld will be the first exhibitor to benefit from this innovative CMS offering, which has been designed with input from cinemas around the world to deliver a complete solution for centralizing cinema operations.

Producer’s key features include:

Build playlists at head office, using a simple drag-and-drop interface, use advanced targeting and point of sales integrations to create different versions based on time, date, and location, and then automatically assign them to the correct shows.

Centralized content deletion allows head office to clean out screen servers remotely, while preventing the deletion of content that is scheduled to play at that site. Automatic title matching and metadata tagging means composition playlists will be automatically grouped into titles and the correct version will be selected for playback.

Users can securely log in to Producer from any device with a standard internet connection. Its fully responsive design makes it effortless to use on a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone.

ScreenConnect facilitates fully automated key delivery message delivery through AAM’s pioneering collaboration with Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema. It allows any KDMs generated by DTDC to be delivered directly from DTDC’s systems to Cineworld’s screen servers through the cloud, and provides DTDC with delivery confirmation so that they can proactively resend any KDM that didn’t reach its destination.

“Cineworld has a long history of embracing innovation, including as one of the earliest adopters of our Circuit Management technology,” said Patrick Foley, CEO of Arts Alliance Media, “We’re thrilled to partner with them once again on their latest ground-breaking endeavor, using a combination of advanced software and enhanced processes to bring efficiency and consistency to over 9,500 screens around the world.”

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