Detective Chinatown 3 Sets Box Office Record

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Tue, 02/16/2021 - 12:10 -- Nick Dager

Detective Chinatown 3 set a single market record for opening day of $163 million and opening weekend $397 million.In a clear sign that audiences will return to theatres once they’re open and have a good movie to present, the Global Cinema Federation today celebrated the record opening weekend in China of Detective Chinatown 3. The title set a single market record for opening day of $163 million and opening weekend $397 million. This comes one year after China’s 70,000 screens were completely shuttered for 2020’s Lunar New Year celebrations.

According to data from Gower Street, 93 percent of Chinese screens by market share were open leading into the record weekend. Outside of China, 46 percent of international cinema screens and 44 percent of domestic (U.S. & Canada) cinema screens were open.  

Detective Chinatown 3 demonstrates that control of the COVID-19 virus, loosened restrictions, and compelling, new movies can return moviegoing to normal levels and beyond.

“The Global Cinema Federation congratulates the entire team behind Detective Chinatown 3 for delivering a record-breaking opening weekend,” said GCF chairman Alejandro Ramirez Magaña. “The success of Detective Chinatown 3 is proof that moviegoing will come roaring back around the world as we move beyond this difficult time. Cinema unites us in a way that no other art form can, and the need to come together again is palpable.”

“We are very pleased to play a pivotal role in Detective Chinatown 3’s record-breaking opening weekend said Wanda Cinemas’ John Zheng.  “Chinese moviegoers are sending a clear message that they missed the experience of gathering together to be entertained, and we know that moviegoers around the world will not be far behind.”

The Global Cinema Federation