Filmmaker Sebastian Wiegärtner Relies on Petrol Bags

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Tue, 07/30/2013 - 12:30 -- Nick Dager

DP Sebastian Wiegärtner relies on Petrol Bags.While undertaking his numerous and diverse projects — whether they are leading filmmaking master classes in Las Vegas, Key West, and Majorca, teaching workshops in Istanbul, or filming a documentary in Forchheim in Bavaria — DP Sebastian Wiegärtner is often on the go. As one of the most renowned German DSLR filmmakers, he not only films but also inspires other cinematographers at his workshops.

Wiegärtner's repertoire is vast — the multi-talented DP not only teaches in workshops but also covers a broad spectrum ranging from documentaries and promotional films to short films. His projects are just as diverse as his film locations and cameras. Among others, he uses the Sony PMW-F3, Canon C300, Canon EOS 7D, Nikon D800, and Red Epic. Recently, he has thoroughly been testing the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera and sharing his experiences on his well-visited Facebook page.

Wiegärtner has also had good experiences with Petrol Bags during his travels: Petrol Bags Digiback Jr. DSLR (PD336), its big brother, the Digiback DSLR Backpack (PD331), Dr. DSLR Camera Bag (PD443), and Deca Rolling U-Bag (PC104) are all a part of his equipment. "The robust Petrol Bags offer excellent protection for my equipment not least because of its seven-layer protection system made of first-class material," he says when explaining his choice.

"Bags by Petrol Bags are lightweight and comfortable to carry but still offer a lot of storage space," says Wiegärtner. "With their lightweight and ergonomic construction, I can travel with two bags at the same time – one on my back and the other in my hand, enabling a great deal of mobility. I love the large shoulder bag, as I have many lenses and my cameras are often equipped with a lot of accessories." In the spacious Dr. DSLR Camera Bag, there is room for a DSLR camera as well as for countless accessories. The ergonomic design of the Digiback DSLR Backpack provides even more comfort during transport with its optimal weight distribution. The padded dividers in the interior of the bags are removable and can be adjusted to fit the individual configuration of the equipment.

Wiegärtner also likes the innovative features of Petrol Bags. "While shooting, I can quickly and easily access my equipment," he says. "Even at dusk – thanks to the removable LED strip and the strong contrast of the red lining to the black case." He also likes the design of the bags. "Petrol Bags look just like a normal bag," says Wiegärtner. "The valuable equipment is securely stowed but looks like normal travel baggage. On my travels, theft is a great concern, and I think there is less danger of becoming a victim of theft. Petrol Bags keep my equipment safe from damage and theft on every trip."

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