In-House Production Team Shines for Pechanga Resort & Casino

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Wed, 08/07/2013 - 12:42 -- Nick Dager

Pechanga Resort & Casino's in-house production team relies on MSE support gear.Pechanga Resort & Casino’s in-house production team has created several award-winning videos about the round-the-clock entertainment experience that is the seventh largest venue of its kind in the world. “The latest video to promote the Plants vs. Zombies slot machine has surpassed five million views on YouTube, the most ever for a video posted by a casino,” said video production manager David Kudell. “This year alone, we’ve won nine Telly Awards for our videos. We try to make them really cinematic.”

Pechanga’s most recent acquisition is MSE’s Mini MAX. “We needed a safe lighting rig that could go up and over a slot machine bank, while a the same time have a small footprint. Mini MAX easily surmounts the challenges we face shooting in a working casino,” says cinematographer Mark Stock. He praised all the MSE gear that Pechanga owns. “Their stuff is built like a tank,” he says, “which is important when you shoot in an environment like a casino. We’re often working near guests, so we need gear that is going to be safe and reliable.”

According to Kudell, each new piece of MSE equipment has given the production team a different and creative way to shoot.

“We started with C-Stands and the Round-D-Round Dolly because we know that ‘the stuff is built like a tank’, as Mark says. When we saw the FloatCam DC Slider at NAB, we realized that this slider/jib would allow us to get some unique shots like diagonal and vertical slider moves. Recently, we added Mini MAX, and we’re seeing some really great possibilities for our latest productions.”

DC Slider is not new for the team. Because the slot machines are a big draw, and so are their fun themes, they are often shooting around crowds. “We use the DC Slider on almost every production, and with these kinds of shots, we need a slider that is small, portable, fast to set up and adds great camera options,” says Stock.

“We get identical, repeatable moves with the Motion Control System, he adds. “If MSE could just invent a motion control system for our talent, we could shoot our commercials in record time. And, when we need a longer camera move or just need a traditional dolly, we use our Round-D-Round Doorway Dolly. It provides versatility in a lightweight body and can go anywhere.”

The Pechanga in-house video production team knows the resort and casino better than anyone and, “with the help of MSE equipment and the team behind it, we are able to create videos quickly and at a high level of quality,” says Kudell. The video content that is in constant production includes TV commercials, YouTube and Social Media videos, digital signage for the casino floor, PR videos, Internal HR content and in-room content.

Plants vs. Zombies