Marshland Leads the Spanish Academy with 17 Goyas

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Mon, 02/02/2015 - 12:46 -- Nick Dager

Marshland used Mistika throughout the production and post process.The suspense thriller Marshland (La Isla Mínima) is Spain's film of the year, nominated for seventeen Goya Awards.

Mistika played an integral part throughout the whole filmmaking process of Marshland from pre-production, image-testing, LUTs inspection, ISO, densities through to complete post.

Best Special Effects nominee for his role as colorist and digital effects supervisor, Juan Ventura Pecellín said, “Mistika's impressive capabilities helped us to achieve a 100 percent realistic look which was nothing less than spectacular.”

Mistika's technology enabled the team to work at resolutions of 4K, up to 7K of complex aerial scenes for pre-visualization and color grading, coupled with intense car chase sequences that involved intricate light elements.

The 17 Goya Award nomination categories for Marshland include the Best Film, Director (Alberto Rodríguez), Special Effects (Pedro Moreno and Juan Ventura), Cinematography (Álex Catalán), Editing (José M.G. Moyano), Art Direction (Pepe Domínguez), Production Supervision (Manuela Ocón), Original Screenplay, Sound, Original Score, Actors (Javier Gutiérrez and Raúl Aréval), Supporting Actors and Actresses (Antonio de la Torre and Mercedes León), New Actress (Nerea Barros), Costume Design and Make up and Hairstyles. 

In addition, the film has received several other accolades including recognition as the Best Film in the Official Section at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, as well as the Silver Concha Award for Best Photography.

The 29th Goya Awards ceremony, will be hosted by actor-comedian Dani Rovira, and is scheduled to take place on February 7 at the Centro de Convenciones y Congresos Príncipe Felipe in Madrid to honor the world's top Spanish films of 2014.

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Photo courtesy of Atípica Films and Warner Bros.