The Molecule Moves to Handle Growth

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Thu, 07/21/2016 - 11:34 -- Nick Dager

The Molecule in New York City is moving to accommodate growth.As demand for higher resolution imaging grows, The Molecule expects to hire more than 100 people as it prepares to move to a new production facility at 29th and Broadway in Manhattan. “In the future, we are expecting our staff to grow to 120,” says marketing manager Audra Coulombe. “There is a lot to consider when building a new production facility in the current environment. Post-production is moving to higher and higher definition. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are now sending us footage at 4K and even 6K, and each VR production involves much more footage than a conventional project. So, we’ve designed our new facility to handle ten times our current capacity. We’re doing it right and planning ahead.”

GPL Technologies assisted in designing the new facility’s shared storage environment and workflow. It also supplied and installed workstations and software for visual effects production, design and other functions.

"We're operating at a higher tier of capacity than ever before,” says The Molecule CEO Chris Healer. “GPL's consulting and expertise have made this expansion possible in a way that few other companies could.”

The new facility will be able to immediately accommodate 75 artists, up from a current capacity of 65. The workflow was designed with flexibility in mind, so that The Molecule can quickly add more artists, or alter the configuration of its team to align with specific project needs.

The Molecule, which specializes in visual effects, motion graphics, and virtual reality, selected GPL for its expertise in production IT. “We worked closely with The Molecule’s team to determine their needs and building an ideal IT infrastructure,” says GPL Technologies account manager Chris Peterson. “The Molecule needs to be on the cutting edge of media and entertainment technology.”

After The Molecule’s new facility launches, GPL will continue to provide the company with technology and IT support. “We sometimes get flooded with work and need to ramp up on a day’s notice,” Coulombe says. “GPL knows post production and they understand our needs. It’s been a great relationship.”

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