Sena Cinemas Signs Deal with Movio

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Wed, 08/12/2020 - 08:48 -- Nick Dager

Sena Cinemas, Reykjavik has signed a multi-year agreement with Movio Cinema to better analyze, understand and connect with its cinema audiences.Sena Cinemas, Reykjavik has signed a multi-year agreement with Movio Cinema to better analyze, understand and connect with its cinema audiences. Sena owns and operates Iceland’s largest cinemas including Smarabio equipped with laser projectors for all screens and a Dolby Atmos sound system in the main hall. Smarabio’s fun center hosts an arcade, laser tag, virtual reality games, karaoke, and facilities to accommodate groups of all sizes.

This is the first deal of its kind in Iceland. The cinemas are part of the entertainment division of Sena, which also includes film distribution and production as well as gaming.

Through combining data with customer intelligence, Movio says it enables cinema marketers to build a detailed, comprehensive view of their audiences and execute a targeted, relevant and creative marketing campaign. Movio had previously worked with Sena on the design of their new loyalty program, Bíóklúbburinn. As their loyalty database grows, Sena plans to use Movio Cinema to increase personalization to members and drive more value back to their business from the database.

“We are very excited to work with Movio and implement the great marketing tools that they offer,” said Lilja Ósk Diðriksdóttir, Ddrector of marketing at Sena. “Having had a great experience working with Movio to build our new loyalty program, we are now looking forward to work with them to help us create the best possible customer experience for our guests and loyalty members. With the analytical tools Movio has to offer, we will be able to get better insight into and understanding of our customers, which is especially valuable during these trying times.”

Movio was already working with Sena Cinemas via Vista Cinema technology, making this additional partnership seamless. As part of this new association, Sena will use Movio Cinema to analyze customers of both their cinemas and fun centers, which feature entertainment such as laser tag and karaoke. These insights will help Sena to understand both the differences and the potential intersection points between these two audience bases and how they can cross-sell and upsell experiences moving forward.

“We are delighted to be furthering our relationship with Sena Cinemas in Iceland,” said Sarah Lewthwaite, Movio’s managing director, EMEA.  “Having spent some time with the Sena team collaborating on the design of their new loyalty strategy, I’m thrilled that they will now have the tools in place to maximize the value of the data. I’m confident that their use of the Movio Cinema product will not only help to transform the experience for their members, but will more immediately, help them to rebuild attendance and revenue following the lockdown period.”

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