Shooting Fast for Lincoln Motor Cars

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Wed, 07/17/2013 - 12:37 -- Nick Dager

Eric Koretz shooting Get Back with Red Epic on OConnor EasyRigCinematographer Eric Koretz and director Elliot Rausch recently shot a short for Lincoln Motor Cars titled Get Back and became one of the four teams to capture the first content officially sponsored by Vimeo.

With a short shooting schedule and non-actor subjects, Koretz chose to film with the Red Epic, Zeiss Super speed lenses and support it with an Easyrig equipped with OConnor O-Grips.

“I love using the O-Grips with the Easyrig,” Koretz said. “The O-Grips are very adjustable, which comes in handy because I don’t hold the camera in a traditional way. I like to have it out in front of me, or sometimes low or high. I almost never have it on my shoulder. I like to shoot in a documentary style because of my background, and capture a scene/subject in the moment. The adjustability of the O-Grips allows me to change positions quickly and on the fly. It is important to be fast, so you can adjust and capture everything that’s happening in the scene in front of you. If you lose time while adjusting, sometimes that moment is gone forever. The O-Grips let me be in the moment.”

Capturing the moment was especially important for this small budget short, where the team was working with real people and not actors.

Koretz said, “Especially in the style we work in, I feel that the moment needs to be real and authentic. If they’re in love and holding each other and feeling the moment, you don’t want to ask them to recreate it, you want them to be in that moment. O-Grips let me adjust quickly and just get the shot.”

OConnor’s O-Grip Handgrips offer single-handle ball joints with high load capacity (even for large cameras) that are fully adjustable and can be clamped in a full hemisphere. They are stackable for custom applications and fit all three standard rod systems. Koretz connects the O-Grips onto 19mm rods on the baseplate of the Epic. “They slide on very quickly and lock down securely onto the rods with a twist of the locking knobs,” he said. “I always use them with my hand held setups. The adjustability of the handles is better than anything else on the market.”

Get Real, sponsored by Lincoln Town Cars, is now live on Vimeo.