Wanda Cinema Begins Multi-Screen Installation of AAM Software

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Thu, 02/05/2015 - 12:02 -- Nick Dager

Wanda Cinema has begun installing AAM software across its entire chain.After entering into a long-term strategic partnership last month, Arts Alliance Media and Wanda Cinema have concluded a deal for all of Wanda’s sites in China to be powered by AAM cinema technology. AAM’s Lifeguard hardware monitoring system and Screenwriter Theatre Management System will be installed on over 1,500 screens initially, a footprint that will grow over the coming years as Wanda Cinema maintains its position as China’s largest circuit. The rollout of the software will begin immediately.

Lifeguard, AAM’s Network Operations Center software, enables head office to monitor all digital cinema hardware across a circuit from one central location, keeping sites running smoothly and customers happy. Designed to work seamlessly across multiple different equipment brands, Lifeguard provides a bird’s eye view of each piece of equipment at each screen, no matter how remote. The product is designed for use by either integrators who require an out-of-the-box solution for digital cinema monitoring, or by exhibitors who want to bring hardware maintenance in-house. The visibility and control Lifeguard provides allows faults to be anticipated and fixed more quickly, reducing downtime and expensive maintenance visits. All faults are tracked and recorded via an ITIL-compliant ticketing system, so not only do operators have a complete history of actions taken, but also SLAs can be easily reported on and historical fault data analyzed.

Lifeguard is integrated into Arts Alliance Media’s cinema software suite, but also works with multiple other TMS brands to fit seamlessly into existing cinema operations and provide a complete maintenance and ticketing system.

Screenwriter will control operations at each site, helping to prevent missed shows by proactively alerting users to potential upcoming problems such as missing content or KDMs. Automation of processes not only eliminates human error in managing content, but also frees up staff resource to spend more time with customers. Screenwriter is designed to be equipment agnostic, and works across multiple equipment brands and POS systems to provide seamless operation across screens.

John Zeng (Zeng Mao Jun), chief executive officer of Wanda Cinema, said, “We’re delighted to announce that Arts Alliance Media software will be powering Wanda Cinema Line’s screens across China. Screenwriter and Lifeguard are just two examples of AAM’s global leadership in technology to benefit cinemas, and they are going to enable us to have better insight and control across our entire circuit, ultimately allowing us to provide our customers with the best possible experience.”

John Aalbers, chief executive officer of Arts Alliance Media added, “We believe that this agreement is one of the largest ever cinema software deals and we’re delighted to be making it with such an esteemed partner. This deal is the first rollout in our long-term partnership with Wanda Cinema Line and we have some very exciting plans to bring the latest developments in cinema innovation to Wanda’s business. We’re rolling out Screenwriter and Lifeguard installations right now and are looking forward to delivering the software that helps Wanda create efficiencies and provide their customers with an even better experience. The next phase will be all about helping Wanda with revenue growth.”

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