Adobe Wins Advanced Imaging Society 2023 Century Award

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Mon, 02/13/2023 - 09:19 -- Nick Dager

The Advanced Imaging Society has presented Adobe with the 2023 Century Award for its revolutionary role in innovating filmmaking technology.

Sriram Iyer, left, and Meagan Keane of Adobe accepting the AIS 2023 Century Award.The combination of Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop with seamless cloud collaboration in makes editing more efficient so artists can spend more time being creative.

Sriram Iyer, head of strategy, product and partnerships, and Meagan Keane, director, product marketing, professional video, accepted the honor on Adobe’s behalf at the 13th annual Lumiere Awards ceremony, held in Los Angeles.

“As filmmakers, we’re always in search of innovative solutions that ease and speed up the creative process,” said Keane. “Adobe is helping advance filmmaking through our industry-leading video editing software to empower the widest range of storytellers and expand the boundaries of their artistry. We are grateful to the many filmmakers who have relied on Adobe to bring their projects to life and honored to be recognized by the Advanced Imaging Society for our work.”

Iyer said, “As we look toward the future, we envision a world where everyone with a story to tell has the tools and the platform to tell it. We’ll continue to develop new ways to make storytelling as seamless, collaborative, and efficient as possible. Advancements in cloud, AI and machine learning technology are just the beginning, paving the way for further innovations that will revolutionize filmmaking.”