Assimilate Extends Scratch Pricing Options

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Tue, 07/16/2013 - 14:46 -- Nick Dager

Assimilate Scratch now offers new pricing optionsAssimilate is extending its array of pricing options by offering a new annual subscription option for both Scratch and Scratch Lab software. The new subscription option is designed for digital intermediate artists and on-set professionals who need daily access to Scratch or Scratch Lab, and who want the latest version with the newest features.

The annual subscription option is available immediately via the Assimilate store, and includes all software updates, maintenance, and support during the activation period. The annual subscription option is $995 a year for Scratch Lab and $5,000 a year for Scratch.

Assimilate also continues to offer the rental option for periods as little as one day, or as long as one month. This option allows artists to pay for Scratch and Lab only when they need it, offering incredible financial flexibility as they face the constant changes of production and post-production in the film and broadcast markets.

All Scratch site license customers are able to view, manage and extend their licenses online.

“We’ve learned from listening to our dailies and post artists that the realities of their businesses have changed,” said Steve Bannerman, vice president of marketing at Assimilate. “Not only are budgets tighter, but work ebbs and flows. Today, the way artists and facilities pay for their tools has become just as important as how much they pay, or even what features they get. Our array of flexible options combine the best of both worlds: incredible affordability, with the flexibility of knowing that you can turn the licenses on and off, if and when you need to, or own an asset if you prefer. From a one-day rental to a world-wide site license, Scratch and Scratch Lab purchase options are designed to fit the new way artists work- making them more productive and helping them make more money.”