Barnfind to Provide Sneaky Big Studios Production Worklfow

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Thu, 05/05/2016 - 12:46 -- Nick Dager

Barnfind Americas will provide Arizona’s Sneaky Big Studios with a network of fiber signal transport solutions at the heart of its infrastructure. Sneaky Big Studios, billing itself as one of the largest and most technologically advanced production facilities ever built in the region, will open in July.

Equipped with Barnfind’s BarnOne Frames and CWDM single mode transceivers, Sneaky Big will achieve a sophisticated, future-proof and flexible workflow configuration throughout its 15,000 square foot fully integrated facility. Located in North Scottsdale, the studio will offer a setting for television and commercial shoots, rehearsal and recording sessions, web/media production, press conferences, corporate training/videos, post production and video editing, color correction and more.

Since technology is a moving target these days, Sneaky Big Studios wanted to make sure its facility would remain as flexible as possible and be able to stay current without having to constantly upgrade its entire infrastructure,” says Joe LoGrasso, vice president of sales, Barnfind Americas. “The Barnfind solution accomplishes this. Using the Barnfind BarnOne, Sneaky Big Studios can customize each room in the facility according to its current needs, and save on future upgrades with its ability to simply swap out SFPs.”

The Studio is using fiber to connect all of the video equipment, which enables faster processing of the information. All of the signals coming in or out of a specific room can be multiplexed within the Barnfind frame and sent over a single strand of fiber to the Central Equipment Room. From there, the built-in 32x32 router sends the signals to their destination, providing an additional measure of workflow flexibility. Everything is controlled by a simple web GUI.

“As a state-of-the art facility, the system we ended up choosing had to be able to support 4K workflows,” says Stephen Brain, vice president and general manager, Sneaky Big Studios. “After speaking with the team at Barnfind Americas, it was apparent that the Barnfind System would address all of our needs and concerns, and be able to offer us the flexibility and expandability we would need to continue to grow our studio. Barnfind was chosen for its unique BarnOne frame allowing us to take multiple video, audio, and data formats, mux them onto a single fiber line and route them.”

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