Christie Names India’s TSR Prova Systems Integrator for RealLaser Projectors

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Mon, 04/08/2019 - 12:57 -- Nick Dager

Christie has named TSR Prova as its pre-eminent integration partner of its family of RGB RealLaser cinema projectors TSR will assist in the adoption of Christie’s latest cinema technology across the burgeoning Indian exhibition market.

“India’s rapidly growing economy is fuelled in part by an active and growing entertainment sector, as witnessed by the massive number of movies it produces and more than 10,000 cinema screens – many of them single or dual installations serving as the main social gathering place within their communities,” said Don Shaw, senior director of sales – digital cinema, Asia Pacific Region. “Indian movie-goers are very discerning and they want reliable, punctual showings, with the highest visual acuity, and that’s where Christie and TSR can deliver like no other vendors can.”

“We are delighted with the prospects ahead of us to evangelize and grow our combined share of the Indian market, armed with the leading-edge cinema solutions that Christie is rolling out, based on its long involvement and commitment to the global cinema industry,” said Tan Sri Dato Sri Dr. Ramaswamy.

“We have a definite sweet spot with small-to-mid sized auditoriums that desire the 2K option,” he said, “and it’s good to know that for premium large format (PLF) venues, Christie can also deliver with the current Christie CP4325-RGB 4K cinema projector and upcoming larger models.”

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