Editorial Boutique Kind Opens in New York

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Thu, 10/10/2013 - 11:41 -- Nick Dager

Kind, a new creative editorial boutique, has opened in New York's Union Square district. Led by two veteran editors, executive producer Wendy Rosen and senior editor Jeremy Baumann, the shop is servicing all types of editorial projects, from short form to long form, including spots, music videos, TV, and webisodes.

Kind has already worked on such projects as a campaign for Bermuda Tourism via Boston's Fuseideas, and a variety of work for Comedy Central including a webisode for Strong Island, as well as comedian Dave Attell's hour-long special.

While Kind is a new shop, it's starting out on a foundation of success via its partnership with aE|Media, the parent company of audioEngine, audioEngine|west and Broadcasters.

Rosen, who began as an editor at New York's Mad River Post, owned her own editorial boutique, Three Fingered Louie, before moving back into staff positions at Red Car and jumP. So when aE|Media CEO Bob Giammarco approached her about housing the new shop, she jumped at the chance to get back into a more managerial role. 

"My desire in starting this venture was fueled by my love of the business side of post," Rosen said. "The full scope of how you approach a project and having a vision that was wider than being in the room is just the challenge I was looking for. While my main focus is executive producing, I am still editing." 

Talent is the backbone of Kind and senior editor Baumann, an experienced comedy editor with san affinity for working with visual effects and dialogue, is leading the charge. Baumann started his career at Red Car, where he met Rosen, and was most recently at Click 3X, where he sought out the opportunity to work with Flame artists, designers, green screen, and CG. 

"I wanted to expand my toolset," Baumann says. After three-plus years at Click 3X the opportunity came to work with Rosen again, and he couldn't refuse. "I like the idea of working at a small place, and I love teaming up with Wendy. She is high energy and awesome to work with; she makes working fun."

Rosen and Baumann have been working out of a temporary space since July, waiting for their permanent home at Broadway and 12th Street to open—in the same building where audioEngine also resides. Construction is due to be completed in early 2014, once audioEngine completes the Paramount feature editing project it's currently engaged in, with two more editors likely in place by then, and a visual effects division on the horizon.

"More and more, clients are looking to get as much done under one roof as they can. Having the accessibility to pop down the hall and collaborate with talented people—for audio post or visual effects—is pretty special," says Rosen.

The name Kind is no accident. Rosen and Baumann say their goal is to create a comfortable and creative atmosphere.

"Along with highly talented people offering spectacular work, we wanted to build a place our clients could connect with and be comfortable," Rosen says. "We want to give our clients something they might not have initially envisioned. Editorial is so subjective, and there are so many different ways to tell a story that to have the talent to surprise someone is a very special gift." 

Kind www.kindedit.com