Fraunhofer and Blackmagic Design Partner on EasyDCP

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Thu, 02/06/2014 - 12:30 -- Nick Dager

Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Circuits and Blackmagic Design have announced the general availability of Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 10 with the core functionality of Fraunhofer’s department of Moving Picture Technologies’ easyDCP software suite. This integration provides the ability to generate, encrypt and play back digital cinema packages. 

With easyDCP now integrated in DaVinci Resolve 10, post-production houses can shortcut the cumbersome procedures of creative video technology for professional TV and motion picture production, creating DCPs instantly. The result is a seamless workflow from the first phases of the post-production process to DCP creation for transport and screening in theaters.

“Fraunhofer understands the needs and challenges the industry faces with optimizing their digital cinema workflows,” said Heiko Sparenberg, head of the digital cinema group at Fraunhofer.  “Blackmagic Design is one of the many influential names in the industry that has partnered with Fraunhofer IIS to broaden its range of supported formats in the area of creative video technology for professional TV and motion picture production by integrating the easyDCP API.”

In addition to optimizing the workflow, easyDCP’s built-in key delivery message (KDM) generator also makes it possible that sensitive data for dailies can be created and encrypted for specific players and for predetermined play-out periods. As a result, easyDCP not only enables DaVinci Resolve 10 users to save time, but also provides great safety measures in the exchange between production and post-production.