Fraunhofer IIS Unveils Advanced HDR Camera Technologies

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Mon, 09/09/2013 - 15:55 -- Nick Dager

Fraunhofer IIS has unveiled new innovative camera and acquisition technologies for high dynamic range video at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam. The Institute is introducing two different ways for HDR imaging: a specialized HDR camera and new camera array to provide brilliant HDR images for the most challenging lighting conditions on set.

The new camera and the HDR camera array are specifically developed to drive the next generation of HDR image acquisition. Both technologies result in an enhanced HDR image requiring less touch-up during post-production, as well as creative freedom and a streamlined production process that lowers technical production costs.

“Fraunhofer IIS developments in HDR allow digital cinema professionals to leverage the most advanced technologies so they can focus on what they do best, creativity and storytelling,” said Dr. Siegfried Foessel, head of Moving Picture Technologies department at Fraunhofer IIS. “Our most recent developments demonstrate and support the convergence of the production and post-production processes, helping professionals stay competitive in today’s market.”

Using a special filter mask in front of the sensor, the HDR camera records different exposure intensities with one single shot, which are then combined during processing. In addition, Fraunhofer designed its new camera array to utilize several standard cameras with different neutral density filters. The array of shots is then combined with high-performing rectification algorithms.

Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance scientist Dr. Joachim Keinert, chief scientist at IIS, will participate in the IBC session The Advancement in HDR Video on September 12 at 11:00 in the Emerald Room. IBC attendees can also see demonstrations at the Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance booth 8.B80. 

Fraunhofer IIS and the Department of Moving Picture Technologies are part of the Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance. The Alliance provides a network of deep expertise and intelligence for the development of scalable technologies and international standards that allow customers to stay ahead the market.

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