Friendshop! Launches in New York

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Tue, 01/07/2014 - 12:24 -- Nick Dager

Friendshop! New York, partners, left to right, Melissa Mapes, Tim Wilson and Ben SuenagaEditors Tim Wilson and Ben Suenaga have departed Go Robot!, New York, and opened a new editing company with partner and managing director/executive producer Melissa Mapes called Friendshop! The new venture will temporarily operate as artists in residence at Outpost Digital, New York, while permanent offices are undergoing construction.

Wilson and Suenaga had each been on staff at Go Robot! for more than a decade. Wilson’s credits include ad campaigns for HP, Exxon, UPS, Ikea and other top brands. Suenaga’s many credits include spots for IBM, Starbucks, AT&T and PowerAde.

Mapes previously served as executive producer and senior partner at Ogilvy, New York, where she led American Express, UPS, IKEA and Stoli among others.

“We were always crazy about the idea of building our own culture, one where collaboration and a sense of community are key,” said Wilson. “We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented and creative minds in the industry, and we’re excited to continue doing great work with them in this kind of environment.”

Suenaga added, “Friendshop! began long ago as a typo. Then it turned into an inside joke, then a tumblr and now, finally, it’s a real company.”

For her part, Mapes said that her 15 years at Ogilvy “prepared me in a great way to handle the wily ways of the creative and demanding world of advertising. Ben, Tim and I have essentially grown up together in this business, and have been relying on each other as partners since our careers began. We’re excited to officially join forces and take on the many opportunities and challenges ahead.”