International 3D Society Gives Lumiere Award to SGO’s Mistika

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Thu, 09/05/2013 - 15:13 -- Nick Dager

Spanish developer SGO will receive the International 3D Society's 3D Technology Lumiere Award for its Mistika finishing and color grading system for advancements in stereo 3D and ultra HD technology.  A professional awards committee votes for the Lumiere Technology Awards and recommended SGO's Mistika for the top tier award specifically due to its impact and innovation in the marketplace.  SGO will be honored at a ceremony in Hollywood September 18, where Geoff Mills, director of SGO global sales and operations, will receive the Award on behalf of the pioneering technology team.

The award recognizes Mistika, SGO's post-production system for providing creative editing, conforming, color grading and visual effects into a single high-speed system. It is capable of working at any resolution from HD, 2K, 4K through to 8K in 2D or 3D content. The optimized software runs on off-the-shelf hardware at speeds enabling operators to work in real-time within its open technology allowing for seamless integration. SGO redesigned the color grading functions of Mistika from the ground up in 2012 to provide the market with the most complete 2D and S3D color-grading package that is compatible with the latest digital cameras.

SGO has grown from a very small manufacturer based in Madrid, that was virtually unknown in the industry a few years ago, to a prominent international leader in digital film and broadcast technology. The company's development team has enabled Mistika to make an exceptionally positive impact in motion picture productions. Projects directed by top industry professionals such as Sir Peter Jackson, J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Sir Ridley Scott, Baz Luhrmann and many others, have invested in Mistika and are embracing the technology for their workflows, which is an exceptional outcome for a modest team of developers. Also, Mistika was chosen by BSkyB in the UK as the cornerstone of its stereoscopic operation, when it launched Europe's first dedicated 3DTV Channel in 2010.

Colin Ritchie, CEO of Aarmadillo and SGO's North American reseller said, “SGO had the ingenuity and foresight to realize the potential of Stereo 3D coupled with the digitalization of motion picture production. It is for this reason, that SGO created Mistika, the very first complete post production system in the market to be able to achieve online dual stream back in 2001 and development has been on a non stop roll ever since.”

Ritchie added, “Technology is quickly changing production and post production processes to accommodate the viewing experience and Miguel and his bright programmers have played an unequivocal role in the industry's development and revolution. To be recognized by an institute of the 3D Society's caliber that acknowledges SGO as the heroes of technology in our age is immensely rewarding, and I am proud to be associated with forward thinking people like them.”

SGO's founder and CEO, Miguel Angel Doncel said, “This stunning award represents a climax of many years of immense commitment on the part of SGO and the team to develop and evolve complex capabilities to support filmmaking in our time. We feel honored and humbled and express our sincere gratitude to the Society and its members. This accolade is truly inspiring and our efforts will continue in providing the industry with the very best story-telling toolsets they need, in order to create excellent results for audiences. We are so excited by the fact that Hollywood is embracing Mistika and our work is by no means over, as ongoing pioneering plans are under way in order to refine and deliver optimum solutions now and well into the future.”

Director of SGO's global sales & operations Geoff Mills said, “We are absolutely thrilled to win this award, giving a real sense of achievement that brings a deep sense of pride to the team and those who use Mistika. Everyone at SGO is passionate about high quality results, and it is incredibly rewarding to see the hard work pay off with numerous Mistika systems now around the world being put to work on so many projects across film and broadcast. This award confirms Mistika’s leading position in a competitive arena and we want to thank the 3D Society for this incredible accolade and for recognizing our accomplishments.  I look forward to being in Los Angeles to receive the award on behalf of the fabulous team I have the pleasure of working with.”

"These Awards are the Society's chance to honor superb technologies which have demonstrated both 'impact and innovation' in serving our professional community" said Society president, Jim Chabin.  Mistika has distinguished itself and we are delighted to have the chance to recognize this achievement in quality."

Buzz Hays, Awards Committee chair said, “The committee considered many technologies for honors this year. But we have selected just a very few for these awards and these honorees can truly be proud.”

Mistika also played a major role in the world's first HFR-S3D feature film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey shortlisted for an IBC2013 Innovation Award. Recent projects achieved using Mistika include Little Crackers at Onsight which recently won the 4th annual 3D Creative Arts International Jury Prize, Mr Stink (BBC’s first scripted Stereo 3D drama), Galapagos 3D, Kingdom of Plants 3D for Sky 3D TV and Inside the Mind of Leonardo for BSkyB. Mistika is also being used on the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who for the BBC to be shown in Stereo 3D for the first time. Recent cinema projects include Star Trek Into Darkness, The Great Gatsby and The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet and many others, currently in production.

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