JinyiGuangMei Selects AAM Software for Entire Cinema Chain

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Wed, 07/27/2016 - 10:56 -- Nick Dager

Arts Alliance Media has been selected by cinema operator Jinyi GuangMei to provide automated scheduling and content management across its entire cinema chain. AAM’s Producer and Screenwriter systems will be deployed for all 150 of JinyiGuangMei’s screens, which span over 15 sites across China. The deal was concluded with AAM’s Chinese reseller partner, Guangdong Pearl River Cine & Video Equipment.

AAM’s Producer circuit management software will enable Jinyi GuangMei to centralize content management so that the head office can monitor content status at all 150 screens and automate common tasks. Pre-show programming can also be managed from the head office, to ensure control and consistency across the entire system. At each site, Screenwriter will enable cinemas to reduce errors through automation, as well as freeing up staff time for other, customer-focused tasks.

The combination of Producer and Screenwriter will provide JinyiGuangMei with an extensive, at-a-glance view of what is happening across all its sites, including early warning of any potential upcoming errors. Producer also offers complete transparency over what has played and where, with reporting from each screen available at the touch of a button. When the head office can perform content management tasks centrally, local staff has more time to concentrate on face-to-face customer interactions. By freeing up staff from the projection booth, Jinyi GuangMei will be able to create personalized cinema experiences that today’s customers really crave.

“Putting the customer at the front of operations is crucial if exhibitors want to maintain a relevant and exciting relationship with their audiences,” said John Aalbers, AAM’s chief executive officer. “The future of the industry is dependent on innovative solutions like Producer and Screenwriter, and ensuring that exhibitors are ready for the change in audience expectations is an essential part of AAM’s technology. We’re delighted to be working with Jinyi GuangMei and Pearl River on this project, and this deal is yet another example of how AAM is helping exhibitors expand in the nascent Chinese market.”

Jinyi GuangMei is currently one of the fastest growing cinema chains in China. It is one franchised operator of the larger Jinyi cinema brand, which covers more than 2,000 theatre screens throughout the country. For this project, AAM’s local partner, GuangDong Pearl River Cine & Video Equipment will manage installation and support for JinyiGuangMei’s sites.

“Customers coming through our doors are expecting an exceptional customer experience – from the ticket office, to the foyer, even down to the comfort of their chair. It is therefore essential that our software systems support automation for scheduling in order to deliver a first class cinema experience,” said president Ivy Kwok at Jinyi GuangMei. “AAM’s pioneering software was a perfect fit for our business needs. Our investment in AAM’s Screenwriter and Producer software systems shows our commitment to improving the customer experience and reducing unnecessary errors as well as our dedication to our expansion aims.”

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