Laser Light Engines, NEC to Demo Laser-Powered Digital Cinema Projectors

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Thu, 10/17/2013 - 14:48 -- Nick Dager

Laser Light Engines will hold a series of invitation-only demonstrations of its latest laser projection technology at the Technicolor Interop Technology Center in Burbank, California, the week of November 11.

"The bar has been raised again in laser projection image quality, and this event will allow industry leaders in cinema, premium large-format exhibition and themed entertainment to see the readiness of this technology for these demanding applications," said Bill Beck, founder and EVP of business development for Laser Light Engines.

Beck said that the sessions will feature LLE's latest RGB laser engines specifically adapted to an NEC 4K DLP Cinema projector, to demonstrate image quality and despeckling performance, in side-by-side comparisons with an identical NEC 4K Xenon arc lamp projector. "The demonstrations will make clear that LLE is the technology and image quality leader in the emerging laser projection segment, and that LLE is the only independent, universal retrofit solution provider," Beck added.

The event will also offer presentations and breakout sessions to explore the recent advances in laser illumination technology that make it a viable commercial solution for movie theaters, large venues, and theme park attractions. Scheduled sessions include a series of mini-tutorials on image quality, colorimetry, contrast ratio, speckle reduction, and the use of fiber optic light delivery to retrofit current and future projectors.

The weeklong event will be held at Technicolor Burbank, which has a long-standing history of advancing technology for media and entertainment. Beck said the venue was chosen for its outstanding facilities designed for critical viewing, as well as its location, central to industry leaders.

"Over the last few years, LLE has solved many of the challenges of cinema-grade laser projection," said Beck. "This will be the first time the full range of our capabilities will be on display in a location where industry leaders and decision-makers can see and understand the impact of this technology first-hand." Beck said LLE's solutions are aimed at delivering superior image quality, color, and brightness, especially for 3D and large screen applications.

The Laser Projection Demonstrations will run from Monday, November 11 through Thursday, November 14, by invitation only, for studio executives and technologists, cinematographers, producers, exhibitors, and other decision makers who want to assess the state of the art in laser projection.

Interested parties should contact LLE at [email protected] to request an invitation and additional information.