Light Illusion and EIZO Extend Their Partnership

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Thu, 10/16/2014 - 11:36 -- Nick Dager

Light Illusion and EIZO have extended their display calibration partnership with the immediate launch of LightSpace EIZO and LightSpace EIZOLight.

These two dedicated versions of Light Illusion’s display calibration and color management system means users can now perform fully automated profiling and calibration of the EIZO ColorEdge monitor range without having to invest in the full cost of LightSpace CM.

Rob Musson, EIZO limited managing director says, "Extending our partnership with Light Illusion was an obvious choice, as LightSpace CMS provides unmatched levels of calibration, which is something all EIZO ColorEdge monitor users demand. Having Light Illusion develop dedicated EIZO versions of LightSpace CMS enables all EIZO users to access this ultimate level of calibration, regardless of their business model."

Select EIZO ColorEdge monitors feature in-built high-resolution 3D LUT based custom calibration capabilities that enable 3D LUTs created via Light Illusion's new LightSpace EIZO and LightSpace EIZOLight calibration and LUT management systems to be directly uploaded to EIZO ColorEdge monitors. This adds a whole new level of calibration and LUT flexibility for EIZO, allowing custom user calibration settings, user created color spaces and custom Look manipulation.

Steve Shaw, CEO of Light Illusion said, "Our continued discussions with Victor Aberdeen, UK sales manager for EIZO ColorEdge monitors, defined a need for users to be able to access dedicated versions of LightSpace CMS for EIZO display calibration and color management. We are delighted to have been able to assist with this through the development and release of LightSpace EIZO and LightSpace EIZOLight. The two new EIZO versions of LightSpace CMS – LightSpace EIZO, and LightSpace EIZOLight – enable users to choose their own calibration workflows and level of calibration investment."