Lightworks Releases Author 9

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Fri, 07/19/2013 - 12:37 -- Nick Dager

Lightworks has released Lightworks Author 9, which is designed to give users more control and power at every stage of the rendering process.

Lightworks has made a considerable reduction in render time and enhanced the visual quality of its progressive rendering functionality. The new features in Author 9 offer users exceptional post-processing control, with layer export capabilities accelerating time-consuming post-production tasks. Improvements to Image-Based Lighting in Author 9 allow for faster real time modelling, speeding up user workflows. 

The innovative, new Panorama function facilitates greater user interaction with designs, allowing the creation of 360 panoramic views of a scene. Further advances include support for Wrapped Normal Maps, providing a more accurate texture representation. User-controlled scaling of background and foreground images in Author 9 enhances the workflow, saving time in the post-production process.

Dave Forrester, managing director at Lightworks said, "The release of Author 9 comes at an exciting time for Lightworks and reflects our desire to constantly improve rendering technology for our customers. The new features and enhanced functionality in Author 9 will benefit them greatly; faster photorealistic rendering, faster real time rendering, and the enhanced post-processing capabilities will allow them to create the highest quality of renders.”