MTI Film to Showcase Improved DRS Nova

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Tue, 03/31/2015 - 11:10 -- Nick Dager

At the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas April 11-16, MTI Film will introduce an updated version of its digital restoration software DRS Nova that will feature a number of new enhancements to address common restorations issues and improve workflow efficiency.

Color Breathing, a new tool in the DRS Nova suite, automatically corrects for color fading or “breathing.” The problem arises as film ages and color channels degrade at different rates. One channel may dominate another over the course of several frames causing them to appear to “breathe” against each other.

Color breathing issues that formerly required time-consuming manual correction can now be fixed automatically. Additionally, the same tool can be used to automatically correct flicker caused by variations in density or luminance. “Flicker is one of the most frustrating and persistent problems in restoration,” says MTI Film product director Amy Hawthorne. “This new tool represents a big step forward.”

DRS Nova will also include the ability to apply and undo corrections in a multi-layered fashion, called version-on-version. Applied corrections such as dust removal can be undone individually without affecting other corrections that have been completed, such as flicker removal or dewarp and stabilization. “Our new Undo feature allows artists to try out processes in a non-destructive way,” Hawthorne explains. “Artists can work with greater confidence knowing that the processing they are applying is not permanent.”

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