Nice Shoes Installs Quantum Xcellis Storage

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Thu, 04/28/2016 - 11:58 -- Nick Dager

New York-based production and post-production studio Nice Shoes has deployed Quantum's new Xcellis high-performance, shared workflow storage. Working with Quantum partner Alliance IT, the creative house incorporated Xcellis into its environment to provide greater flexibility in optimizing its collaborative media workflow and in scaling storage capacity and performance.

"As a production and post-production studio for major global brands, we are continuously raising the bar to deliver compelling content within very compressed timelines," said Robert Keske, chief technical officer at Nice Shoes. "We are always looking to enable greater efficiency and productivity across our workflows, especially as we've expanded into new service areas with our Creative Studio and into more regions with our offices in Chicago and Minneapolis. Quantum's new Xcellis storage provides the unique combination of performance, scalability and simplicity needed to adapt quickly and cost-effectively."

Powered by Quantum's StorNext platform, Xcellis enhances productivity in collaborative media environments, simplifies the overall storage architecture and streamlines operation and management. The new workflow storage system consolidates media and metadata management, extends connectivity options for both Fibre Channel and Ethernet clients and supports hosted applications within one easy-to-manage, fully scalable hardware solution.

Xcellis also provides the performance and reliability needed to meet extreme production and delivery deadlines. It provides optimized high-speed Fibre Channel SAN connectivity and industry-leading streaming performance. In addition, offering continuous scalability that doesn't require a forklift upgrade or interruption of business operations, Xcellis enables agile, intelligent and cost-effective expansion by facilities ranging from the largest studios to boutique creative houses such as Nice Shoes.

"Xcellis gives us critical flexibility in handling an increasing volume of media content as we've been receiving and starting to deliver footage at 4K or higher resolution," said Keske. "Backed by the StorNext platform, Xcellis provides the ability to tune capacity and performance to suit evolving workflow requirements, which can change from project to project. As a result, we have the freedom to adapt our storage resources to any new challenges or opportunities that our clients bring to us."