Origin Digital Studios Opens in Burbank

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Mon, 07/21/2014 - 12:22 -- Nick Dager

Mark Miller, president, Origin Digital Studios, Burbank.Origin Digital Studios has been launched in Burbank, California as a new collective of veteran visual effects artists, producers and supervisors. The announcement was made today by company president Mark Miller. 

The company has been designed to service the needs of high-profile television programs, commercials, feature films, and special venue presentations. Miami-based Lincoln Road Advisors, headed by Eric J. Bertrand, is the primary investment company behind Origin.

In addition to its Burbank headquarters, Origin Digital Studios also has studios in New York, New York, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. The company expects to open additional studios in Atlanta, Georgia, during the coming year.

Miller said, “Having enjoyed long-standing partnerships with studios, VFX Supervisors, and post production producers for many years, I, along with our newly assembled collective of veteran artists, producers and supervisors, have developed a unique culture. We have long been trained to help our clients efficiently manage visual storytelling, from concept to completion. Our experienced and award winning staff is available for a diverse range of new productions. Our Burbank studio is located in one of Fotokem’s production centers, which instantly allows us the ability to connect to their high-speed networks, which cross the country. With their nextLAB and Global Data technology, our clients can get plates to us simply and quickly, no matter where they are based. Our studio in New York is fiber connected to Fotokem’s network, to ease the transport of information to our Burbank location. The same will hold true for each of our future studio locations. These unique services allow us to do what most other mid-level VFX companies simply cannot.”

Bertrand said, “What makes Origin Digital Studios unique in a sea of mid-sized VFX companies in 2014? One reason is the fact that they have a strategic relationship with Fotokem - one of the last remaining, and highly respected independent, full-service post production companies in Los Angeles. Through this relationship, Origin has the advantage of not only providing top tier VFX work, but they can also offer all of the support services their clients need - from on-set dailies to final color. When a deal can be packaged that includes all needed services, the project can run much smoother, thus saving time and money for their clients.”

“Origin is an independent company, and their clients can pick only the services they need or want. The company is able to collectively collaborate on a workflow strategy that will result in significant savings to a diverse range of clients,” Bertrand said.

Jason Zimmerman, VFX supervisor on the hit Fox TV series Sleepy Hollow, said VFX supervisors want a company that has the top artistic talent supported by a bulletproof, fast and efficient pipeline. They want a VFX company that works with them and the production to create the best possible product. Collaboration is key and Origin Digital Studios is now the place. Working with Origin allows me the freedom to interact directly with my team and to collaborate directly with numerous digital artists I’ve worked with for many years. This type of talent is hard to find all in one place, but I’m fortunate enough to now be working through Origin on Sleepy Hollow with many top artists.”

Original Digital Studios  www.originds.com