QSC Audio Demonstrates Proof of Concept for Immersive Sound Playback in Theatres

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Mon, 10/28/2013 - 11:43 -- Nick Dager

QSC Audio Products demonstrated a proof of concept of an end-to-end solution for the playback of immersive sound program material at last weeks ShowEast 2013 in Hollywood, Florida. The demonstration highlighted the capability of the QSC Q-Sys audio signal processing and routing platform to render MDA (multi-dimensional audio) files in real-time.

MDA is an open platform, object-based audio format developed by DTS that allows every element of a soundtrack to be mapped in 3D space, storing all of the spatial and behavioral information as metadata.  For the demos, test program content files were created using a ProTools MDA plug-in at The Dub Stage, a prominent Hollywood, California post-production facility. The audio files were combined into a DCP (digital cinema package), which will be played back through a Doremi server, then synched and rendered through the QSC Q-Sys Core processor.  The demonstration featured a 7.1 audio bed combined with audio objects which were rendered in real-time through the Q-Sys processor, and heard through QSC loudspeakers.

Q-Sys is a complete platform for digital audio signal processing, control and management.  The primary elements of a Q-Sys system are the Core, Q-Sys Designer software, the Q-LAN network, and peripherals.  The Q-Sys Core is the brain of the system, performing all audio routing, processing, and control functions.  Q-Sys Designer software provides the interface for system design, configuration, and control.  Q-LAN is the IP-friendly network that connects the system into an integrated whole.  A variety of hardware peripherals (such as I/O Frames, I/O cards, and touch screen controllers) provide fully customizable and completely scalable functionality.

In addition to serving as the rendering engine, the Q-Sys Core also provides all necessary audio signal processing (such as equalization) and signal routing to the appropriate power amplifiers and loudspeakers. 

“Q-Sys is an extremely powerful processing platform that can be the central processor for any type of immersive audio format,” says Barry Ferrell, senior vice president & chief strategy officer for QSC.  “Because of its scalable nature and the variety of hardware options, a Q-Sys system can handle as many channels or ‘objects’ as is required by the format.  The result is a single processing platform that can support multiple audio formats with separate storable pre-sets for signal processing functions like equalization, level and routing.”

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