QuVIS Wraptor DCP Generator Integrated into Adobe Pro Video Tools

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Thu, 04/03/2014 - 14:36 -- Nick Dager

QuVIS Technologies today announced the integration of the QuVIS Wraptor digital cinema package encoder in the next update to Adobe Media Encoder CC and directly accessible from Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Company officials will demonstrate the capability of the Wraptor Media Encoder integration at the National Association of Broadcasters convention next week in Las Vegas. The new integration will provide Adobe Creative Cloud members with the ability to easily create digital cinema packages for distribution and archiving.

With the new integration, editors, filmmakers, broadcasters, and other video content creators will be able to output unencrypted DCPs from Adobe Media Encoder at resolutions up to 2K. Users who need to generate 4K, or stereo 3D content can purchase additional modules.

“DCPs offer a unique solution for delivering and storing ultra-high quality content, said Kenbe Goertzen, QuVIS CTO. “We see this integration with Adobe as a significant step toward bringing DCPs beyond theatrical movie distribution and into the mainstream. We believe that over the next 12 months DCPs will be used more and more widely for dailies, independent distribution, archive, and other applications.”

The primary benefit that this current offering will bring to post production is easy support of high resolution, high fidelity and high dynamic range content in the DCP standard format, while employing advanced encoding technologies which enables DCPs of significantly smaller size, or higher perceived quality than has previously been available.

QuVIS also offers a software–based DCP player, allowing DCPs to be played without a high cost theatrical digital cinema player and projector so users can easily preview and play back DCPs they produce.

“Adobe is committed to putting the most advanced apps into the hands of its Creative Cloud members,” said Simon Williams, director of strategic relations at Adobe. “Working with QuVIS to extend the capabilities of Adobe Media Encoder ensures that our customers using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Photoshop CC can export video content into the DCP format.”

The new QuVIS Wraptor DCP integration will be available soon as part of the upcoming Creative Cloud updates.

QuVIS Technologies http://www.quvis.com