Running Man Adds Cortex Dailies to Handle Workflow

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Mon, 02/10/2014 - 15:49 -- Nick Dager

Running Man post has added an MTI Film's Cortex to handle dailies, including Broad City.New York post house Running Man has selected MTI Film’s Cortex Dailies as the centerpiece of its dailies processing workflow for television, feature films, documentaries and other projects.

“We were looking for an advanced dailies solution for our episodic work,” said Running Man principal colorist Troy Thompson. “A lot of inefficiencies arise when shows lack a proper dailies workflow. Editorial systems don’t handle all of the metadata and a lack of metadata can cause problems during the finishing process.”

“Cortex offers a ton of benefits,” he added. “The shows get a better looking image to work with throughout the offline process, and we get the metadata we need to do the conforms.”

Additionally, Cortex results in significant time and cost savings for Running Man’s production company clients. It automates dailies processes that formerly required an additional technician.

“Typically shows will hire an extra assistant to handle transcoding and syncing, Cortex removes the need for this, and handles the processing of dailies much faster. This makes the entire post process more efficient,” Thompson said. “Dailies have become very complicated. Producers want to see dailies online; they want custom burn-ins and overlays. All that is achievable with other systems, but nowhere near as fast as with Cortex.”

“Cortex enables us to turn over shows very quickly,” he said. “With today’s deadlines and budgets, the more efficient we can be the better. We are benefiting throughout the entire pipeline.”

Running Man is currently using Cortex to process dailies for the fourth season of FX Network’s Louie and the debut season of Comedy Central’s Broad City. The facility is currently processing in excess of seven hours of footage for the two shows each production day, and is able to deliver dailies media to the editorial teams by late the same day.

“We pride ourselves on being a company that understands workflows,” said Thompson, “and we don’t cut corners. So it’s important to me to have reliable tools.  Simply put, Cortex works.”

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