Society of Camera Operators Announces 2022 Technical Achievement Awards

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Wed, 02/16/2022 - 09:07 -- Nick Dager

The Society of Camera Operators has announced the recipients of the 2022 Society of Camera Operators Technical Achievement Award. They are the Motion Impossible AGITO Remote Dolly System and Cinema Devices Ergorig System.

The Motion Impossible AGITO Remote Dolly SystemTo qualify for a SOC Technical Achievement Award the technical development and the company and/or individuals must endure a rigorous judging process and review from eight SOC members during the Award Judging Day, which was hosted on January 15.

The Cinema Devices Ergorig System“We are truly honored that each year the showing of technologies presented gets more and more impressive,” said Eric Fletcher, SOC, Technical Committee Chair. “The judges have a tough job of selecting the top technical development. Whether it’s completely new, important, a lasting device or technique, or even a significant improvement on an existing equipment or product, the innovation from all the companies is truly unbelievable.” 

Both recipients, Motion Impossible AGITO Remote Dolly System and Cinema Devices Ergorig System, will be celebrated and acknowledged during the upcoming virtual awards ceremony on March 5. The virtual gathering will also celebrate the nominees and winners of the Camera Operator of the Year Awards for Film and Television.

The event is free to attend and open to SOC membership and the community at large.

For further information about the SOC’s Annual Society of Camera Operators Awards Celebration visit SOC.Org.