Sony DADC New Media Solutions Venue Over-The-Top Channel Creation Service

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Tue, 10/14/2014 - 11:28 -- Nick Dager

Sony DADC New Media Solutions has unveiled Venue, its new immersive channel creation service.

Venue is designed to enable content creators and distributors to build Over-The-Top consumer channels with layered storytelling and exclusive content for fan bases of movie franchises, television series, bands, games, and more.

Unique to the industry, Venue will combine Sony DADC's supply chain expertise with Ooyala's multi-device video streaming capabilities and analytics, alongside RightsLine rights management services to deliver a comprehensive OTT solution.  From initial rights and avails of content to behavior and performance analytics, content owners and distributors will be given the ability to engage fans and monetize content with differentiated consumer experiences.

"Venue was designed to give content owners and distributors the ability to deliver a consumer experience that is equally unique and immersive, while remaining economical and accessible," said Andy Shenkler, executive vice president, strategy and operations, Sony DADC New Media Solutions. "By uniting supply chain services with fan engagement in a simplified, fully integrated, all-in-one turn-key solution, Venue grants both large and small organizations the ability for their in-house teams to streamline the process of creating channels and easily manage their consumer experiences with limited expertise in this space."

Venue joins Sony DADC's industry-leading digital marketing and content monetization services portfolio, which offers immersive consumer experiences and numerous website and mobile solutions to market, promote and monetize content. Venue services is planned to include the following: asset and inventory management, media servicing and fulfillment, rights management, localization, integrated ad insertion, fan engagement, digital marketing services, campaign management, consumer storefronts, consumer behavior analytics, and merchandise monetization. 

Venue's innovative user interface will be designed to allow content owners and distributors to manage their multi-device experiences with an intuitive, visual, and 'consumer-type' content management system with drag and drop capabilities that eliminate the need for extensive customer training. Customers will be able to easily assess their content rights and availability, manage content workflows, and leverage deep analytics across commerce and performance enabling greater monetization and commercial activities.

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