Submarine Deluxe Acquires U.S. Distribution Rights to Documentary Weekend of a Champion

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Mon, 10/28/2013 - 11:38 -- Nick Dager

Submarine Deluxe has acquired the U.S. distribution rights to Frank Simon’s documentary Weekend of a Champion, an entertaining vérité look at world champion driver Sir Jackie Stewart as Roman Polanski follows his attempt to win the Monaco Grand Prix.

The film is Submarine’s follow-up to the Academy Award nominated film, Chasing Ice.

Weekend of a Champion had its world premiere at the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival.  The Hollywood Reporter called the film “An insider’s view of this high-risk, high-octane sport during its most lethally dangerous period.”

In 1971, Motor Racing fan Polanski spent a weekend with world champion driver Stewart as he attempted to win the Monaco Grand Prix.  Polanski was given intimate access to Stewart’s world for three days, both on the track and off.  The result is an extraordinarily rare glimpse into the life of a gifted athlete at the height of his powers. 

Forty years on, Polanski and Stewart meet once again. In a remarkable post-script, they discuss the sport, both past and present, with a unique and unmatched perspective.

Presented by RatPac Entertainment's documentary arm Rat Documentary Films, who first acquired and restored the film, Weekend of a Champion will also be released later on Netflix after its theatrical run. 

“It’s an honor and a thrill to be working with Roman Polanski, Jackie Stewart and Brett Ratner to bring Weekend of a Champion to a US audience. This is an exciting and thought provoking film that should reach beyond the base of racing and cinema fans,” said Dan Braun.

“Josh and Dan Braun have a passion for great cinema, most especially the documentary genre which makes Submarine the best home for Weekend of a Champion,” said Brett Ratner

Submarine Deluxe will release the film theatrically across the country beginning November 22nd in New York City, with a nationwide rollout to follow.