Sundance Cinemas Looking for Buyer

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Thu, 06/11/2015 - 12:37 -- Nick Dager

Sundance Cinemas has retained Salem Partners to sell the company. In 2014, Sundance Cinemas enjoyed its fifth consecutive year of revenue and cash flow growth.

Since its first location opened in 2007, Sundance Cinemas has been providing its audiences with premium experiences, including reserved seating for all shows, bistro fare plus cocktails, beer and wine in an environment designed for grown-ups, and always featuring the best lineup of films from the Hollywood studios, American Independent filmmakers, and international directors.

Each Sundance Cinema location is involved with its community housing local film festivals, hosting local entertainment and cultural events, and supporting local artists with a rotating art gallery show. Top-quality presentation, audience comfort, ambience, and interesting food and beverage offerings are the formula that has garnered best movie theatre awards for all the Sundance Cinemas in their respective cities: San Francisco, West Hollywood, Houston, Seattle, and Madison.

“From the very beginning, Sundance Cinemas has been about raising the bar in the exhibition business,” said CEO Paul Richardson. “We use local architects to design beautiful spaces, program a thoughtful mix of quality first-run movies, offer food designed to be eaten in the dark with the beverage of your choice while enjoying the comfort of a rocking chair seat and watching a great movie. We look forward to working with Salem Partners to identify the right owner or owners of the business who can continue to capitalize on our prominent positions in each market.”

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