Thinkbox Software Announces New Plug-Ins for Autodesk Maya

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Tue, 07/23/2013 - 15:45 -- Nick Dager

Thinkbox Software has announced new plug-in offerings for Autodesk Maya including the latest version of Krakatoa MY – its popular volumetric particle renderer, XMesh MY for geometry caching and Frost MY for point cloud meshing.

“Krakatoa MY received intense interest from the Maya community when it was released earlier this year and we’ve continued that momentum by adding key features like support for Mac OSX-based systems, which we’ll demo at SIGGRAPH this year. We will also preview a Maya compatible version of MagmaFlow, our node-based particle manipulation toolkit based on our new cross-platform node-view tool,” said Chris Bond, founder, Thinkbox Software. “With the introduction of XMesh MY and the upcoming release of Frost MY, our high-performance production tools are even more accessible to Maya users looking to create amazing visuals.”

Enabling greater flexibility and improved performance for users, Krakatoa MY 2.3 features Thinkbox’s Magma channel data editing system as well as support for Mac OSX, in addition to previously supported Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Similarly, Frost MY is a Maya-friendly version of Thinkbox’s point cloud meshing solution that enables users to generate a single mesh from particles, vertex clouds, object positions, point data files or a combination thereof using various techniques.

Additionally, Maya users running Deadline 6.1 – the latest version of Thinkbox’s cross-platform render farm management solution – now have tile rendering support for Solid Angle's Arnold renderer and support for distributed bucket rendering with Chaos Group V-Ray.

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