Thriller Lights Out in Production in Asia

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Mon, 11/10/2014 - 12:32 -- Nick Dager

Easternlight, the Asian arm of Arclight Films, is partnering with Huace Pictures, a subsidiary of Huace Media Group, the largest distributor of media content in China, on the new action film Lights Out. 

Lights Out is directed by Xavier Gens, of Hitman, Frontiers and The Divide fame and written by Lamont Magee and Jeff W. Byrd. 

Lights Out is about a young blind girl who lives all alone in her family’s secluded mansion after the tragic and suspicious death of her father during a Secret Service operation. Her only companion is her seeing-eye dog. Emma’s quiet and predictable life is disrupted when Russian gangsters invade her home, convinced materials her father was supposed to sell them before his untimely death lie somewhere in the mansion.

Realizing the gangsters will stop at nothing to make her talk, Emma cuts the power, plunging the house into darkness. As the gangsters hunt Emma down, she takes them out one by one, calling on her ingenuity, intimate knowledge of her home and the fighting skills taught to her during her childhood by her father.

“We are pleased to be working with Huace Pictures, one of the most respected and successful Chinese media companies, to help create a female superhero film whose cast and unbeatable action sequences will be marketable to audiences all over the world,” said Elliot Tong, head of Asian sales and acquisitions for Arclight Films.

“This is the beginning of a longstanding relationship between Easternlight and Huace Media Group,” said Ying Ye, managing director of Easternlight. “Lights Out is just the start of many more exciting projects to come.” 

Casting is currently underway for top roles, including with an A-list Chinese actress to star as the female action hero lead.

“We are delighted at the brilliant cast prospects for Lights Out, especially the female actress for the lead part, a unique role that shows how a blind character is able to use her heightened senses to become a hero,” says Gens. “The best names are vying for lead roles in the film, and we are building an A-list cast and crew to deliver a powerful cinematic experience.”

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