Panasonic Unveils Integrated 3D Camcorder

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Wed, 01/13/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Panasonic has unveiled what it says is the world’s first professional fully integrated full HD 3D camcorder. The company showed engineering samples of the camera at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. Panasonic says it will begin taking orders in April and will ship cameras in the fall. In the new 3D camcorder the lenses camera head and a dual memory card recorder are integrated into a single body.  The camcorder also incorporates stereoscopic adjustment controls which Panasonic says makes it easier to use and operate. The twin-lens system adopted in the camcorder’s optical section allows the convergence point to be adjusted. Functions for automatically correcting horizontal and vertical displacement are also provided.  Conventional 3D camera systems require these adjustments to be made by means of a PC or an external video processor. Panasonic claims that its new camcorder however will automatically recalibrate without any need for external equipment allowing immediate 3D image capture. The company says its 3D camcorder will be offered at a much lower price than traditional 3D rigs. Panasonic also plans to offer a professional-quality 3D HD LCD monitor for field use as well as a professional HD digital AV mixer for live event production. When asked a company spokesman was unable to say what lenses the new camera will use. We'll have more information in April he said. The cameras will be made to order and are expected to cost $21 000 for the main unit. Panasonic Corporation