Four K Productions Sells 4K Series to Unnamed TV Manufacturer

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Wed, 05/07/2014 - 11:44 -- Nick Dager

Mix from Four K ProductionsFour K Productions has just sold its first original TV series, entitled Mix, to a major 4K TV manufacturer.  The company did not name the TV manufacturer. The announcement was made by company founder/president Kevin Williamson.

Williamson said, “We are delighted to announce the fact that Four K Productions is one of the very first, and very few, independent 4K content producers to have successfully sold an original television series to a major 4K TV manufacturer. We had to pass rigorous quality control standards to close this sale. We’ve delivered the first two 30-minute episodes of our new show Mix, and we are hopefully awaiting orders for additional new episodes.”

Mix captures the essence of the modern day Mixology Movement. The series focuses on the preparation, ingredients and the making of signature mixed drinks offered to customers at popular bars, nightclubs, restaurants and saloons across the United States.

Four K Productions’ worldwide representative Adam Haber, senior vice president, Principal Media, Beverly Hills said, “We are thrilled to be representing the fantastic 4K series Mix.To be able to license it to one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world says everything you need to know about the quality of this series.”

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