Heritage Global Partners to Manage Liquidation of Deluxe

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Thu, 05/01/2014 - 14:28 -- Nick Dager

Heritage Global Partners has been selected to manage the upcoming complete plant liquidation of a Deluxe Entertainment Services Group facility in Los Angeles, California. The three-day sale, including equipment from 18 different asset classes, is slated for June 3-5, with a public preview on June 2.

The key assets for sale include:

Complete Film Processing Lines

Complete Film Printing Lines

Post-Production Suites

Packaging Equipment

Analytical Lab

Tanks and Vessels

Pumps and Motors

Complete Machine Shop

State-of-the-Art IT Equipment and Server Room

300+ Executive Offices and Workstations

Corporate Cafeteria

Wide Array of Facility Support Equipment and Scrap Metal

“The three-day Deluxe Entertainment global online auction truly has something for everyone, including equipment across many different asset classes,” said Nick Dove, Heritage Global Partners director of sales. “Deluxe has been a global leader in the digital and film processing fields for close to a century. Complete film processing and printing lines, post-production suites, packaging equipment and an analytical lab are all part of our online auction. In addition, the facility support including boilers, chillers, compressors and electrical paneling are also for sale.”

A second auction will be held in July, featuring facility support-related equipment that will no longer be needed as the building will be demolished following the liquidation sale.