Matthews Studio Equipment Takes Delivery of NOGA Arm

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Wed, 10/30/2013 - 13:27 -- Nick Dager

NOGA Arms from Israeli Arm.Matthews Studio Equipment has recently taken delivery of a NOGA Arm from Israeli Arm.

“NOGA Arm has been a staple on practically every type of production for many years,” says MSE vice president of sales and marketing Robert Kulesh. “It’s positioned small lights on set or on table top as well as props, mirrors, reflectors and more.

“The new NOGA Arm does this and more,” he adds. “This articulated multi-jointed arm offers more strength and more versatility. It is larger, longer, tougher and stronger than any other extended three jointed, articulated arm on the market.”

Designed for simplicity, the new NOGA Arm will hold smaller cameras, lights, monitors, props and other production accessories that require precise, extended, positioning on a camera or on a set.

NOGA Arm locks or releases the three articulated joints instantly, making it easy to position equipment or accessories quickly, modify the angle, skew or change the height to respond to any production need. Simply set it and forget it.

NOGA Arms are available in two lengths: Large – 22 inches (55.8cm) long at full extension and will support a weight of 11 lbs. (5kg). Medium is 10.5 inches (26.6cm) long at full extension and will support a weight of 13.2 lbs. (6kg).

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