Motion Picture Sound Editors Name Board Members

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Tue, 01/07/2014 - 15:15 -- Nick Dager

Frank Morrone, president, Motion Picture Sound EditorsThe Motion Picture Sound Editors has announced the results of the 2013 election of its Board of Directors. Elected to two-year terms in Executive Seats are Frank Morrone as President, Christopher Reeves as Secretary, and Ruth Adelman as Sargent at Arms. Morrone and Reeves are incumbents. They join continuing officers Mark Lanza (Vice President) and Paul Rodriguez (Treasurer).

Elected to MPSE Film Board seats are:

Steven Avila

Mike Draghi (Incumbent)

Peter Lago

Tom C. McCarthy

Glenn T. Morgan

Bernard Weiser

Mandell Winter

Elected to MPSE Television Board seats are:

Jason Arnold (Incumbent)

William Dannevik (Incumbent)

Charles Deenan

Paulette Lifton

Maciek Malish

Anne-Marie Slack

Continuing Board seats include:

Film Seats

Ben Wilkins

Nick Meade

Solange Schwalbe

Film Music

Joanie Diener

Warren Brown

Steven Saltzman

Out of Area

Damian Candusso

Kevin Howard

Ahmad Shirazi

Michael Orlowski

Television Seats

Jeremy Gordon

Skye Lewin

“The Board expresses its sincere gratitude to all those who considered nomination and to the candidates for their willingness to serve our organization,” said Morrone. “Their commitment is what carries the MPSE forward.”