Onsight Upgrades 3D DI SGO Mistika Suites

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Fri, 09/20/2013 - 14:55 -- Nick Dager

UK production house Onsight has expanded its stereoscopic 3D capabilities by adding to its digital intermediate color grading and stereo 3D resources through the additional upgrade of its existing Mistika suites from SGO.

Onsight has offered its clients a suite of SGO products for some time, which include four Mistika systems operating on shared storage, the Mistika on-set production tool and an SGO SAN, powered-up by HPZ820 platforms for reinforced efficiency. The new and upgraded systems will include the latest Mistika 7.2 software with an exciting extension of stereo 3D tools that streamline many routine tasks, along with transforming features that guarantee to deliver a significant increase in performance and boost productivity to meet client needs.

Simon Craddock, CEO of Onsight said, "Like Onsight, SGO is committed to innovation and we value our partnership.  We have been users of Mistika for a long time. It continues to help us meet increasing and complex requirements in DI and stereo 3D productions with impressive and importantly, real-time results.  It is no wonder that it has now become a well-recognized product. Updating our Mistika facilities was vital for the benefit of our creative and technical teams, in order to keep delivering high quality and time sensitive material.”

Geoff Mills, director of SGO's global sales and operations said, “Mistika already plays an integral role in the entire DI and Stereo 3D production pipeline at Onsight. In implementing such innovative workflows, Onsight benefits from dedicated support from SGO confirming our close partnership for the long-term. Opting for a substantial upgrade on this level was a logical progression to fortify Onsight's existing collaborative workflows as more exciting projects continue to flow in, and we are very proud to support them and play a role in their continued success.”

Onsight www.onsight.co.uk

SGO www.sgo.es