San Diego Film Festival Hires Digital Operative for Online Support

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Mon, 06/24/2013 - 10:14 -- Nick Dager

The San Diego Film Festival has hired Digital Operative to handle its online promotions, scheduling and ticket sales.

"The San Diego Film Festival is an invaluable platform for promoting the fantastic work of independent film makers, actors, producers and directors. The Digital Operative team is excited to help take the festival to a new level and create a stellar digital presence to grow the event," said B.J. Cook, president and co-founder of Digital Operative.

“Our festival ticket sales and promotions are primarily handled online, therefore we are happy to have experts from the Digital Operative team helping to guide us with our website and social media sales and marketing," said Dale Strack, president of the San Diego Film Festival. "Having a digital marketing partner of this caliber will only make the festival a better event than years past. Offering our attendees the best online festival site experiences is our top priority."

In development is a new mobile film festival app that will give users the ability to search by film, time slot and location via their mobile phone.

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