Ymagis Group Installs Germany’s First Sony Dual 4K Projection System

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Fri, 09/25/2015 - 15:03 -- Nick Dager

Ymagis has supplied the first Sony SRX-R515DS dual 4K projection system in Germany to Cinecitta’ Multiplexkino in Nuremberg.

Two systems have been installed, with Cinecitta’ confirming an additional order for a further five systems for its Multiplexkino, to be installed before the end of the year. Germany’s biggest cinema complex, Cinecitta’ Multiplexkino boasts no less than 23 screens – all underground – together with 5000 square meters of foyer space, three restaurants and bar/café areas.

The first of the two SRX-R515DS ordered has been installed at one of Cinecitta’s 120-seat deluxe premium auditoriums.

“We’ve known about the benefits of dual 4K projection for some time,” said Benjamin Dauhrer, chief technical officer at Cinecitta’ Multiplexkino Nuremberg. “So of course we were excited when we heard about the SRX-R515DS that offers us a step forward in picture quality and operating efficiency.”

“Cinecitta’ has always been a forward-looking pioneer in giving audience a better-looking experience,” said Karl-Joachim Lohkamp, managing director of dcinex Deutschland/Ymagis Group. “We’ve had a great relationship, ever since selling their first digital projector many years ago. And now we are delighted to be supporting them as they break new ground once again – as Germany’s first Sony dual 4K projection customer – with no less than two systems now purchased.”

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