Aframe Cloud Platform Speeds In the Flesh Workflow

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Sat, 12/07/2013 - 12:56 -- Nick Dager

Aframe's cloud technology helped expedite production of the BBC horror series In the Flesh.Aframe’s cloud video production platform helped Timeline TV in Media City to expedite production for the second series of BBC Three’s zombie drama In the Flesh, the company announced. By streamlining the Avid-centric workflow and eliminating a time-consuming transcoding step, Aframe helped Timeline TV make rushes ready for the edit, and make viewing copies available to clients and executives in less than five hours, instead of the usual 35 hours.

“We needed a better way to get edit-ready files to London as we work on dual sites. After trying several options we found the functionality we needed in Aframe’s product,” said Eben Clancy, post-production director at Timeline TV North. “We have found Aframe to be secure, easy to manage with full-resolution capabilities that we have not found elsewhere. As an editor by background, I appreciate how Aframe allows you to organize media without doing the edit for you in a way that limits you. I also like how it allows your team to access full-resolution media wherever and whenever they need it, while still being able to generate viewing proxies for easy review by others.”

The In the Flesh production involves more than 75 days of on-location shooting around Manchester using the latest Arri Alexa cinema cameras. The team created about 30GB of DNx36 HD edit-ready format footage on set each day that is uploaded to Aframe’s private cloud, while storing the native rushes locally in Manchester. Deluxe in London downloads the DNx36 files, send them for offline editing on an Avid, create dailies and weekly assemblies, and send on to a group of about 16 producers and the BBC Commissioning team for review and approval. Only those designated by Timeline TV can access Aframe’s files, so the team can manage security and control centrally.

“With so much location shooting taking place in Media City UK, there’s tremendous demand for better ways to move full-resolution media from there to anywhere, and make it usable in smarter workflows,” said David Peto, CEO of Aframe. “We’re delighted to help Timeline TV to streamline its workflow so that it’s just like working next door to the rest of our partners many miles away,” he said.