Kiwii Delivers Tini Dailies with WCPApp

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Tue, 03/15/2016 - 16:08 -- Nick Dager

Tini: The Big Change in ViolettaItalian/UK digital media workflow specialist Kiwii Digital Solutions recently managed the production dailies of the new movie Tini: The Big Change in Violetta using the WCPApp from WCPMedia Services. The cloud-based platform made it possible to deliver dailies and other media from the film’s set in Italy to its editorial team in Spain virtually instantaneously, saving significant time and costs.

Tini is directed by Juan Pablo Buscarini and is based on the popular Disney Channel series Violetta that airs across South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is slated for international release in May.

The movie was shot in Sicily and other locations in Italy. Kiwii Digital Solutions provided on-set and near-set DIT, dailies and data management services. Raw camera data was off-loaded, backed-up and transcoded in a near-set digital lab. Dailies media was then uploaded to WCPApp where it became immediately available to the Spain based editorial team during the six weeks of production. Select raw clips were also uploaded to the WCPApp cloud for color look verification and quality control. Kiwii’s Francesco Luigi Giardiello was digital workflow supervisor on the project.

“WCPMedia provides a unique service: a flexible, reliable and secure platform for managing and delivering sensible camera data from any remote location to any destination in the world,” said Giardiello. WCP is the perfect ally in providing peace of mind to your clients. They can feel secure that their data will be quickly and safely delivered to any vendor.”

For the production, the benefits of this workflow were significant. “It is a much more efficient pipeline,” said WCPMediaServices operations manager Luca de Sensi. “Dailies are in the hands of the editors in a fraction of the time required to physically ship a hard-drive. As a result, rough cuts are ready for the director and producers to review much sooner. That not only saves time, it aids the creative process.”

Kiwii Digital Solutions has relied on WCPApp to facilitate a number of high-profile projects. Last summer, it used the platform to manage selected raw materials for a Victoria Secret campaign directed by Michael Bay. Shot in Rome, the ad first aired during broadcasts of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. During production, selected scenes, in camera raw format, were uploaded by Kiwii and instantly accessible to editors in Los Angeles.

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