Mathäser Filmpalast Certified by QSC

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Wed, 11/16/2016 - 10:50 -- Nick Dager

The Mathäser Filmpalast Auditorium in Munich is the first in Germany to be awarded a QSC-Certified Theatre certification.The Mathäser Filmpalast (m) K6 Auditorium in Munich is the first in Germany to be awarded a QSC-Certified Theatre certification. CinemaNext and QSC made the announcement. Kinopolis’ largest cinema complex, the Mathäser Filmpalast now boasts a Dolby Atmos cinema auditorium powered by QSC Q-SYS audio technology.

The QSC Certified Theatre Program is available to all QSC-equipped cinemas whose operators agree to adhere to a set of specifications and guidelines. These guidelines include industry best practices in general room design and acoustics, projection quality, and sound system design and operation.

The QSC Q-SYS system is a completely new technology with no equal as an integrated, scalable audio solution in the cinema industry. Built from the ground up on a powerful, open and IT-friendly foundation, the Q-SYS platform exceeds the limitations in scope, performance, and usability that have kept previous networked audio control systems from reaching their full potential.

Installed in the Mathäser Filmpalast’s Auditorium, the QSC Q-SYS technology consists of a network of 23 QSC DPA-Q amplifiers and 50 powerful QSC loudspeakers, controlled and monitored by two Q-SYS Core 500i processors. In addition to the new 4K-projection system, an entirely new LED light concept was deployed as part of an extensive design and outfitting plan.

“Our company has enjoyed a very successful partnership with QSC for many years,” said Till Cussmann, CinemaNext senior vice president. “The QSC Q-SYS has truly revolutionized cinema sound technology. This system has so many capabilities, uses much less hardware with a lot more power and turns every cinema into an easy-to-manage, multipurpose auditorium.”  

“The goal of this certification program is to promote a superior cinematic experience for moviegoers. Thanks to our innovative products and CinemaNext’s professional and skilled installation team, the result is just outstanding,” added Danny Pickett, QSC’s director global cinema salesforce.

“I’m thrilled to be able to provide a unique experience to our guests at our upgraded auditorium. Moreover, for presentations and special events, the newly-installed Q-SYS system offers great flexibility, transforming it into a multipurpose facility,” said Kinopolis CEO Dr. Gregory Theile. “The Dolby Atmos installation presented a great challenge to both CinemaNext and QSC due to the auditorium size and the ceiling construction we had to put in place. But the effort paid off.”