Jeffrey Wright to Receive First AIS Distinguished Artist Award

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Tue, 01/23/2024 - 12:17 -- Nick Dager

The Advanced Imaging Society has announced that its inaugural Distinguished Artist Award will be bestowed upon Jeffrey Wright recognizing his commanding performance in American Fiction. The 2024 Lumiere Awards ceremony will take place February 9 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Advanced Imaging Society has announced that its inaugural Distinguished Artist Award will be bestowed upon Jeffrey Wright recognizing his commanding performance in American Fiction. The 2024 Lumiere Awards ceremony will take place February 9 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.The theme for this year’s Lumiere Awards is Celebrating Masters and Magic. Traditionally, AIS has acknowledged the industry’s most distinguished directors and professionals who work behind the camera. However, in celebration of the Society’s 15th anniversary, this year’s focus will shift to honor an individual renowned for their work in front of the camera.

Jim Chabin, AIS president said, "Mr. Wright consistently demonstrates a brilliant mastery of both the arts and the technologies of cinema storytelling in films such as The Batman, No Time to Die, Westworld and more." He added, "In American Fiction, he delivered a dynamic, masterful performance, collaborating with memorable storytelling, showcasing depth, humor, nuance and commitment. As a community responsible for much of the production process and technology on a set, we are deeply in awe of an artist like Mr. Wright, who can deliver a performance with such power and resonance that it elevates an entire production."

In alignment with the theme of Masters and Magic, the magicians being honored with the Sir Charles Wheatstone Award are The Walt Disney Studios’ Research and Innovation teams Disney Research Studios and Studio LAB for advancing cinematic storytelling.

The award, named after Sir Charles Wheatstone – the pioneering scientist and inventor who significantly advanced visual technology – is presented annually for a company’s unparalleled contributions to motion picture production.

Disney Research Studios and Studio LAB comprise a seasoned team of professionals, including researchers, engineers, designers, and creatives. They consistently push the forefront of academic research and the best of industry to create, discover and deliver technology innovations that service Disney Studios’ technical and creative filmmaking process.

Jamie Voris, executive vice president/chief technology officer of Studio Technology of The Walt Disney Studios, will accept the award on behalf of the teams during the ceremony on February 9.

Wright and Voris will join previously announced honorees Academy Award-winning writer, producer and director Alexander Payne (The Holdovers), who will receive the Harold Lloyd Award for filmmaking and Darren Aronofsky and Sphere Entertainment, who will receive’s Voices for the Earth Award for their film Postcard from Earth.