CinemaNext Launches Sphera

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Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:13 -- Nick Dager

CinemaNext today announced the launch of Sphera, its new premium format cinema concept.CinemaNext today announced the launch of Sphera, its new premium format cinema concept, designed to deliver a superior movie going experience and content flexibility for cinema operators and theatre owners. CinemaNext will introduce Sphera next week during CinemaCon 2017 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

“With the launch of Sphera, a new benchmark in premium format cinema, we are committed to providing the highest-quality cinema going experience,” said Till Cussmann, senior vice president of CinemaNext. “Our comprehensive offer includes design, projection, audio and color treatment. Sphera can either be implemented as part of new cinema builds or retrofitted auditoriums. It also provides the ultimate viewing experience combined with total programming flexibility. Film, arts, gaming, events and concerts are all delivered with the sharpest picture, the deepest sound and in perfect comfort. The components combine to produce a truly immersive effect, opening new worlds for audiences with rich and varied content.”

“After recently unveiling EclairColor, our new digital high dynamic range color technology, Ymagis Group is thrilled to bring yet another innovation to cinema exhibitors with Sphera,” said Jean Mizrahi, founder and CEO of Ymagis Group. “It is our ambition to provide exhibitors – whether they operate small, medium or large-size cinema complexes – with a new turnkey solution that will help them dramatically enhance the audience experience with impressive cinematic visuals, immersive audio and state-of-the-art contemporary design.”

According to the company, Sphera offers the highest picture quality available today with deeper blacks, richer colors and finer details. Powered by EclairColor and the latest projection technologies, Sphera features a new digital HDR color solution that combines an innovative mastering process with the optimization of select projection system technologies. Presenting images with more contrast and greater fidelity, EclairColor delivers image projection of unprecedented quality, brings out detail, and gives a better sense of depth. Sphera projection systems are 4K and screens are wall-to-wall for greater impact. 3D projection is particularly powerful thanks to the configuration, and all auditoriums are HDR ready.

Using subwoofer technology based on the latest knowledge of energy transducers that is unique in the cinema industry, Sphera’s audio system is unrivalled. Moviegoers are literally enveloped in a surrounding sound, based on Dolby Atmos, that puts them center stage with intelligent and multidimensional delivery. It showcases a higher frequency than standard systems, with a greater, more powerful bass each moviegoer can feel instead of hear. There’s no need for cinema operators to rely on audio technicians, as the system is truly multi-purpose. Exhibitors can easily switch between configurations for different content using any device.

Sphera’s designers have created a distinct interior concept that includes a lobby area, bar area and a unique Eames-inspired seat design, covered with material to reduce light reflection. An artistic, dynamic lighting system enhances the overall entertainment experience. It can be programmed to reflect content or mood; building anticipation, adding to the excitement or instilling a relaxed feel. The auditorium can become a 360° ambient light effect with different lighting for moviegoers’ arrival, advertising, movie trailers, breaks and credits.

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