Kino Arena Installing Atom Seating at its Sofia, Bulgaria Movie Theatre

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Thu, 03/05/2020 - 12:47 -- Nick Dager

Kino Arena is installing recliners from Atom Seating at its movie theatre in the Sofia Mall in Sofia, Bulgaria. A total of 750 Atom Seating Helium recliners, a Spaces and Between brand, will be installed. Kino Arena owner Stefan Minchev said he chose Helium recliners as a step towards enhancing the overall movie experience of the cinemagoers.

Pictured, let to right, Ankit Kabra, co-founder of Atom Seating; Kino Arena owner Stefan Minchev; Kino Arena CTO Ivan Melikov, and Atom Seating co-founder Dipanker Dutta.“We scouted for more than four years for a brand that would help us provide our customers with optimum comfort,” Minchev said, “and Atom Seating has been patiently helping us or guiding us through. We have had over 10 vendors but Atom Seating’s Helium model and their service stood out.”

After making a name for itself in the American and Middle Eastern markets, Atom Seating is beginning to find new opportunities in Bulgaria.

“After installing our recliners in Bulgaria back in 2015-16, I did a bit of market research and I reached out to Stefan,” said Dipanker Dutta, co-founder of Atom Seating. “Since then we have met him and his chief technology officer, Ivan Melikov, a lot of times and we are more than friends now. Providing the right kind of support is our main forte and that’s what [sets] us apart from our competitors.”

According to Dutta, Helium recliners provide 30 percent more comfort while consuming 20 percent less space than other recliners, allowing the cinema owners to fit more seats.