RealD Claims Patent Win in China

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Thu, 01/25/2024 - 10:27 -- Nick Dager

RealD announced today that the China National Intellectual Property Office has ruled in favor of RealD, rejecting all three Shenzhen LeVision Global Technology Co., Ltd.'s requests to invalidate RealD's Chinese patents.

LeVision's three invalidity challenges to the RealD 3D dual-beam and the three-beam optical system patents were all rejected, confirming in full the validity and integrity of the invention patents of RealD 3D projection system in China.

RealD's three Chinese invention patents are ZL201310233906.3, ZL201480000777.6, and ZL201710333855.X.

These patent challenges are the second time an individual or company has filed an invalidation request against patents owned by RealD 3D regarding their three-beam optical technology in China.   All requests to date were denied.

This victory is also the latest case upholding and affirming RealD's patented technology in the world. In 2018, the European Patent Office rejected both Volfoni and MasterImage's European patent invalidation challenges against RealD, and the validity, scope, and rights of RealD 3D system remained unchanged. Prior to this, RealD 3D was also challenged by patent invalidation challenges in jurisdictions such as the United States, Japan, Australia, and Russia, and these were rejected by local judicial and patent authorities.  RealD's invention patent rights on this technology have been maintained and reconfirmed time and time again.

In addition to maintaining the validity of the entire patent rights, RealD has also won verdicts of patent infringement against MasterImage, Volfoni, and DepthQ in both US and German courts over the past ten years.

"The success of these cases underscores the third-party recognition of the quality and value of our patents. They also reaffirmed the intellectual property behind RealD's technology," said Travis Reid, CEO and president of worldwide cinema of RealD.

"RealD employs world-class inventors and invests substantial resources in our mission to deliver the perfect visual image. In order to continue this commitment and invest in R&D, we must hold infringers accountable for copying RealD's patented technology and protect our R&D and existing patented technologies," Reid said.